We offer many unique, antique style Vodou Props. They are made the traditional way, and are all very rare, and highly sought after. We offer thus, in hopes to aid our so called "Bizarre" Mage in their quest to create authentic magic that, in turn, creates real moments of unforgettable experience.

There is nothing more important in magic, than the atmosphere one creates around it; one man's trick is another's miracle, the mage of old taught us; this atmosphere has the potential to create the hypnosis, the trance, the meditation needed to properly and powerfully create the perception of REAL magic. Props are a staple in this quest, and when one possesses true and right relics, ones work becomes all the more profound.

As stated, all of our props are absolutely unique and one of a kind. Prices vary, and we will release these relics solely to the practicing Mage, leaving the younger ones to pay their dues before they are truly ready to work with the ideas, the vibrations our works ultimately offer, in the right hands. So, if thee feels that one has paid said dues, received the proper initiations through arduous study and contemplation, then please approach, and be not afraid.

Fraternally, eternally,

Baba Gede Nibo


Our bottles are authentic Vodou Bottles, made the traditional way, and according to the Loa (spirit) it is used for. As you may note, many bottles contain Catholic Lithographs on them, and for those who do not have our book, let is suffice to say that the Vodouist found direct correlations between the God of our European Brothers and Sisters and those of the African Diaspora. Legba, for instance, is known as the Gatekeeper, the Keeper of the Keys, and thus, he was given the Saint Peter. Erzulie is the Mother of all Mothers, and was seen in the conception of Virgin Mary, and so on.

Bottle can be made with specific qualifications, i.e. For** cards, numbers, colors, equivoque items etc. etc.


Our boxes are a true phenomena. Made in the traditional manner, from old cigar boxes, we seek to fill them with authentic Vodou items, and divination tools, i.e., old cards, bone pendulums, sacred shells, old dice, etc. Each one is unique, and full of magical props and inspiration. Our boxes are our most sought after work, so they may be unavailable from time to time.


We also acquire various Vodou fetishes, e.g. Crosses, sacred stones, Eshu elegba images (made of mortar, earth, herbs, cowrie shell), coffin nails, thunderstones, sacred beads, and many items that can be employed in equivoque, or other experiments.

The above is but a small portion of items that we can acquire for your work. Please email Baba for prices, specifications, more photos, or other inquiries.

We bless you in the traditional Vodou way, Ayibobo!